Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lloyd Austriaco /Triestino

1875 | Petri worked as a stoker for an Austrian shipping company. (Galicya Vapuru ?) there are two ships owned by Austrian Lloyd with similar names. Only one matches in date
Galatea built 1871 in service until 1908. 1,352 tons
Galicia built 1902 in 1919 transferred to Lloyd Triestino, Trieste. 2,836 tons

Lloyd Triestino was founded as Austrian Lloyd in 1836 and became one of the World's biggest shipping companies by managing most oversea trade and passenger travel of Austria-Hungary until 1918. The Austrian Lloyd was running regular services from Trieste to the Near East, India, China and the Far East, Brazil the USA and Northern Europe. It also was the first to use steam ships.

Lloyd Triestino was formed in 1919 as the successor to Lloyd Austriaco following the incorporation of Trieste into the Kingdom of Italy on January 3rd 1919. Lloyd Triestino or Triestian Lloyd is a shipping company based in Trieste, Italy.

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