Friday, May 19, 2006

Levirentos of Galata

Petri worked as a server in similar Galata meyhane/wine pub.

Mavi Boncuk |
From left Barbo(owner), ahci (cook), tezgahdar (counter help/bar tender), saki padimu or mugbace (server) and kocek (dancer). Wine barrels at he back. Samiha Ayverdi sketch drawing.
(source: Istanbul Ansiklopedisi)

Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese: from barbo ‘barbel’ (the fish), hence a metonymic occupational name for a fisherman or possibly pub owner since fishermen opened these original pubs to begin with.

Source: Istanbul Ansiklopedisi | istanbul Encyclopedia | Kocu Publication (1972) Issue 165 Volume 11 | pages 5888-5892 | item written by Husnu Kinayli |

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