Saturday, May 13, 2006


The film interweaves story of Petri the Knifer (Blade), with a police investigation of a murder suicide of an immigrant dishwasher in an unnamed North American city and a curator that is in preparation for an exhibit at a shoe museum. One of the items he is researching is a sipidik, a slipper style backless street shoe, that ruffians wear during Petri's times.

The byline of Costak the movie at the time of pre-production tells it all:
"Costak...10 songs, 8 murders and a pair of slippers..."

Costak, the movie is based on Petri. GALATA CANAVARI BICAKCI PETRI | PETRI THE KNIFE, GALATA MONSTER . Source: Istanbul Ansiklopedisi | istanbul Encyclopedia | Kocu Publication (1972) Issue 165 Volume 11 | pages 5888-5892 | item written by Husnu Kinayli |

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