Sunday, May 14, 2006

Eight Murders of Costak

Since Costak is a fictional story based on Petri the Blade all events were re-structured, re-arranged and murders do not replicate the descriptions of real life police reports of 1880's.

Costak Basic Structure (90 min. Breakdown of events)

Opening Titles Dipsamena, Dipsamena Petri's Tavern Song (01:45)

Part I (45 min.) "I die everyday"

1880 Petri's death in a Galata cul-de-sac (05:00)
MURDER 1 Kefalonians get their man Blood Feud
Today Dishwasher kills a man and jumps to his death from the police station (08:00)
MURDER 2 hotel kitchen Innuendo
1865 A Mother's Love (01:00)
1865 Daskalos rapes Petri (07:00)
Today Curator is trying to get the slippers from the dishwashers apartment (03:00)
1870 Petri's first murder (06:00)
MURDER 3 Aya Mavri Kafeneion Escape

Part II (45 min.) "My name is Petri "
Today Curator talks to shoemaker in Istanbul (05:00)
Life at Sea With Lefteri Kaptan (15:00)
MURDER 4 LEFTERI KAPTAN at Hotel de Marseille Money
Life of Petri The Monster of Galata (28:00)
MURDER 5 Policeman on Cadde-i Kebir Rebel
MURDER 6 Dragoman in Galata Mercy "This my love will end your pain"
MURDER 7 Eshter on the ship Escape from a Lover
MURDER 8 Sailor at the Pirincci Music Hall and Gazino Jealousy
Today Curator finishes the notes (02:00)
1865 A Mother's Love (07:00) "I will live forever"
End Credits (01:15)

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