Friday, December 23, 2005

Thodori Vafiadis

Constantinople photographer, Thodori Vafiadis took the only picture of Bicakci Petri.

See more about cinematograhy in Istanbul during those early days in a Mavi Boncuk Article that involves Vafiadis.
Don Ramirez, Spanish showman active in Turkey

Vafiadis had his photography studio inside the Sirkeci train station at number 1. He wrote to Lumiere brothers and wanted to buy one of the Cinamatograph camera/projectors following the public screening on December 22, 1885 in Paris. They refused the request claiming that they had only one such unit. The cinematograph arrives in Istanbul in 1886 with the intervention of Sigmund Weinberg.

19th century postcard of Istanbul, most likely by the photography studio of Sebah and Joaillier capturing the period.


daniel said...

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Unknown said...

I'd like to know more about Theodore Vafiyadis (Thodore Vafiadis). He is my grandchildren's great-grandfather and he disappeared.