Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Petri was born on the island of Ayamavri

Hadim Ali Pasha was the vizier of Sultan Bayezid II. When Sultan Bayezid II ascended to the throne, he appointed Hadim Ali Pasha to Karaman as the governor. After, he successfully returned from the Wallachia campaign, in 1486; he was rewarded by vizier rank. He joined the wars against the Mamelukes. He captured Mora, Modon, and Koron Castles, and Kefelonia, Ayamavri Island, in 1500. In 1501, he was appointed to be the grand vizier. Two years later, Hersekzade Pasha replaced him.

In 1506, he was appointed to be the grand vizier for the second time. He repressed Shah Kulu Revolt, but he died while he was fighting with the rebels. He was a brave soldier and a wise statesman. He had had built Atik Ali Pasha Mosque in Istanbul, and also he built two schools, and a hospice.

During the reign of Sultan IV. Mehmed Han (1642-1693)
The fall of the fortress of Ayamavri

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