Saturday, December 24, 2005


Daughter of Lefteri Kaptan.

She met Petri under the assumed name of Magdalena, a prostitute. When Petri ended up at her room in a cul de sac in Galata he was ambushed and killed by Lambo a brother and a sailor of Lefteri Kaptan. When he was killed one early morning in August 28 1880, Petri was about 24-25 years old.

Kiryakica is the female version of Kiryaki, a greek name. Turkish shadow play karagoz and street theater in the round "orta oyunu" has a doctor character called 'Nikolaki', 'Apostal', 'Niko', 'Kiryako' a westerner (frenk), greek or balama (a rum/a grrek native of Ottoman domain) who speaks a melange of Italian and Greek and the incomprehensibility of this tongue is the main point of humor.

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