Friday, December 23, 2005

Bicakci Petri | Murder Number 4

1876 Petri knifed and killed Anesti at a Hotel in Bcharre north of Beirut. (Kocu article says Beirut Hotel called Bisare) Anesti (*) was a Kefalonian looking for him to avange lefteri kaptan. At the time he was working as a stoker for a Trieste based Austrian company ship Galicia under the name Pietri Mavri.

(*) Christos Anesti means Christ is risen.

Lloyd Austriaco had a ship called Galicia but it was built in 1902. Dates do not match. We think the ship Petri worked could be Galatea built in 1871 and in service until 1908. In truth both ships are named after the same Celtic root word.

Lloyd Austriaco / Austrian Lloyd

Started steamship operations in 1836 based at Trieste, which was then under Austrian rule. Initially traded to the Adriatic and later extended to the rest of the Mediterranean, India and the Far East. The company name changed in 1872 to Austrian Hungarian Lloyd (Lloyd Austro-Ungarico) but reverted to Austrian Lloyd in 1891. In 1881 the company company started services to New York, Brazil and the River Plate, but only made one New York voyage, which was not a financial success. Sailings to South America continued until 1885 when the service was withdrawn. Other routes flourished and by 1886 the company owned 86 ships. Services were suspended during the Great War and the company was re-established as Lloyd Triestino under the Italian flag in 1919. Austrian Lloyd was reconstituted in 1978 as a cargo company.

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