Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sailor of the Imperial Navy

Sailor of the Imperial Navy, serving at the Ottoman admiralty, by Louis Dupré[1].

[1] Louis Dupré (Versailles 9 January 1789 – 12 October 1837 Paris) was a French painter, especially noted for his travels in Greece and the Ottoman Empire and his numerous paintings with Orientalist and Philhellene themes. 

He often traveled and changed his work location, including Paris, Kassel (1811–1814), Naples (1814–1816), Rome (1816–1819, 1824–1831), Naples (1819–1820), Istanbul (ca. 1820), Greece (ca. 1820), Paris (1820–1837), and Vienna (1820–1824). 

His visit to Greece was on the very eve of the Greek War of Independence.

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