Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Petri's Tavern Song

Petri wrote the lyrics of this song and sang it in Galata taverns/dives (meyhane). His song remained popular years later and was remembered. We have no record of his song today. As part of a sources music project for Costak we want the greek wording to be proof-read and are planning a new composition based on the historic style and we plan to record it both for the film and the Sources CD that will be released before the film.

Dose mu krasi
Yemise tis asimenies palames sou
Na pio to krasi ap'tis fuhtes sou
Dipsasmena dipsasmena

Δώσε μου κρασί
Γεμισέ τις ασημένιες παλάμες σου
Να πιώ το κρασί απ'τις φούχτες σου
Διψασμένα Διψασμένα

Bana sarap ver
Gumus avuclarina doldur
Sarabi avuclarindan iceyim
Kana kana

Give me wine
Fill your silver palm
I will drink from your hands
With a great thirst

My friend Leigh Kline wrote back:"It could be done as a Kamilieriko -sort of a zeybek type but a little faster" .

The Hellinic zeimpekikos is a slow 9/8 rythm with a 15 syllable verse broken into 2, one 8 syllable and one 7. In the 'school' of Pireas the well known troumpa there was a variation of rythms, which is why we find songs from Bambakaris, Tsitsanis etc. played in a 9/18 rythm or the 'fast' 9/8 seen in the 'aptaliko' and the 'kamilieriko'.

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